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Courtesy Vehicle

We now have available for use a courtesy vehicle, this is a manual ford fiesta.

On requesting via our booking form we can drop the car to you when we collect yours, and allow you to use the courtesy vehicle whilst we have your vehicle. Please note this is subject to availability and the below terms & conditions.


Our courtesy vehicle is fully insured for your use subject to the following terms:

1) WE MUST HOLD A COPY OF BOTH SIDES OF YOUR FULL DRIVING LICENCE (maximum of 3 penalty points permitted)



Fuel replacement is not required. If the spirit moves you, refilling the fuel tank is appreciated.

Return the loaner vehicle to us in the same condition as received. Regarding the interior, please refrain from smoking, eating, drinking or soiling the seats while inside the vehicle. Please do not allow pets or children to leave bits and hair inside the vehicle (some are allergic to pet hair).

You are the only driver authorized to drive this car. No spouses, friends, neighbours, etc. unless prior approval is obtained from Us.

You must have no more than 3 penalty points on your driving licence

You must possess and provide proof of a valid full driver’s license and be over the age of 25. We must take a copy of both sides.

You agree not to use the vehicle for transportation of person(s) or property for hire

You agree not to use the vehicle in any violation of the law, ordinance, or regulation governing the use or return thereof.

You agree not to remove the vehicle from the Isle of Man.

You expressly agree to pay to Durrants Ltd:
Any fine or legal violation against the cars registration or driver while in your possession.
All expenses incurred by Durrants Ltd, in the collection of monies due us per this agreement, or in regaining possession of the car, or in enforcing any term or condition of this agreement, including attorney’s
fees and costs.
All expenses incurred by us for the cleaning, disinfecting or repair of the vehicle interior or mechanisms for any
reason, resulting from your use or possession (e.g. spills, food stains, dog hair, bodily fluids, car seats, etc.).

Any and all expenses incurred by us for body, mechanical or glass repairs to our vehicle resulting from misuse
or accident, resulting from your use or possession, regardless of fault or level of insurance coverage.

Up to £500 for the loss of the vehicle key, as this may require complete re-keying and programming of the

The courtesy car may not always be available for use however we will do our best to accommodate.